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Confused? So Are We!

There’s been all kinds of exciting reading coming our way in the last few months, as you know if you have been following what has been going on at City Hall.

First came the Draft SEIR on August 3rd– Supplemental Environmental Impact Report. This is a report that is necessary for the changes to the General Plan, which was ratified in July, 2015. Then along came the Draft EIR on August 4th – Environmental Impact Report for the Monastery project of 42 new homes, which they are calling The Meadows at Bailey Canyon. New construction must have an Environmental Impact Report, and time must be allowed for the residents to comment. It is just what the title implies – the impact on the environment if the project is approved.

Both are of extreme importance to the well being of our town. The SEIR is necessary to up zone some of our neighborhoods to build more housing, possibly apartments in our built- out city, to come up with the magic number given us by Sacramento of 208 new housing units in the next eight years. Because it is so difficult to actually come up with these numbers, the consultants have now devised a new plan of a church overlay zone to add units to three church parking lots and property – Bethany, Old North Church and the Methodist Church.

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