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Our Unique and Eclectic Village

We have been asked to write a column for Mountain Views News. We are Preserve Sierra Madre – a group of your friends and neighbours dedicating to preserving our unique and eclectic village.

Sierra Madre is surrounded by mountains. We are fortunate to see deer, bear, bobcats, and even the elusive gray fox regularly strolling through our neighborhoods. Whether you have lived in Sierra Madre all your life or just for a few years, we can all agree that we enjoy living here and cherish this town’s distinctive character.

Preserve Sierra Madre’s mission is to keep it this way.

We know that development and keeping things the same vs. property rights is a touchy subject in our town with many differing opinions. We are not against development. We are also not in the business of getting in the way of private property and private owner's rights. We stand against runaway development; we don't want to see our city turn into tract homes or strip malls. We are here to keep an eye out for our residents, so that we can keep our city as beautiful as ever.

Do we want to stand in the way of developers? No. Do we believe in telling people what to build? No. We believe in the General Plan and the Building Codes of our city and believe in pushing for checks and balances, ensuring transparency along the way.

We understand people are busy and can't go to every City Council meeting. As part of our mission, we attend and disseminate the information so that residents can be informed.

Our main focus right now is the Monastery project. There is another group that is fighting to stop all development. We are not them. We just want transparency from the city and the parties involved, and for all options to be considered and reviewed accordingly. The City has agreed to consider a development that includes changing current zoning from institutional to residential and the construction of 42 homes on the southside of the property. There has been little opportunity for public comment or input about what will be one of the largest projects in decades in Sierra Madre. We are currently waiting for the City to advise on when the Environmental Impact report will be released. If you would like to join our mailing group please email:

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